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December 20, 2010

Its been a looong time:)

Long long time since I have been here but I believe I will be here more regularly now. I who if you ever have read this blog have fought going on disability for eight long hard years now and I gave in-I filed in April and was approved last month-so that is how my story goes now.

I have always felt that I look normal, people can not look at me and tell I am sick so I was too afraid of what people would think about me being on disability at my age and not obviously sick to the naked eye, but I can not work anymore and it was becoming glaringly obvious that something had to change or I would not have any quality of life. Imagine my surprise when as the "queen of de-nile" regarding my lupus I got approved right away and without an attorney! I cried the day I found out. They were not tears of relief they were tears of resignation. I was resigned to the fact that I truly truly am very sick and that was hard to learn lol. You would think with eight years of experience at this I would have already accepted it........acceptance is hard at least for me.

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