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February 05, 2006

Treating Lymphoma with the Hoxsey Therapy

In February of 1997, I was diagnosed with (high-grade) B-Immunoblastic Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and told "You have probably only a few weeks left to live-a few months at most." I refused chemo but had about a 1 1/2 inch square area of my scalp radiated, the site of two tumors removed.

When word of my diagnosis got out, two friends from different parts of my life put me in touch with friends of theirs who had recovered from cancer on the Hoxsey treatment. I had known about Hoxsey since I was teeneager, and was stunned to find out it was still available. My parents' "Physical 'culture" magazine (perhaps the first one its kind) was full of letters to the editor giving tesitmonials of the efficacy of Hoxsey's herbal tonic and dietary regimen.

I learned the treatment was available on an outpatient basis, and immediately went to the Bio-Medical Center (now in Tijuana, Mexico) I did the Hoxsey treatment for three years, and was told (by my American oncologist) that I was considered cured, since I was still alive and asymptomatic.

Now, nine years later, it seems I have lymphoma again. Enlarged nodes in my neck, left armpit, abodmen and groin. CT scans show organs are normal and not involved at this time. I feel absolutely healthy, have no other health problems and take no meds on a regular basis.

I have immediately gone back on the Hoxsey regimen. Cold turkey off all forms of coffee or tea. Nothing with chemicals or processing, no commercially canned or frozen foods. Everything fresh. Tonic and a few other supplements (prescribed) four times a day with food. I am highly motivated and am having no problem sticking to the plan. The history of the Hoxsey treatment is most interesting. Also, the University of Texas studies some of the alternative cancer treatments and found that seven of the nine herbs in the tonic show definite anti-cancer activity, and should be researched further.

Today I saw my dermatologist to follow up treatment just completed for squamous cell skin cancer on my nose (all fine!) and when I told him my choice of treatment for the lymph node situation, he was most interested . He further told me about a friend of his who disagnosed with metastasized melanoma. He refused chemo and is having some other alternative treatment I had not heard of.

Long story short: six years ago he was told to put his affairs in order, that he'd be dead in a few months. Wrong ... he is well. Every time I visit the clinic in Mexico for checkups and new supply of tonic I meet people with the most inspirational stories of recovery.

One day at a time, I'm enjoying life. Que sera, sera.