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March 13, 2006

Timeline of Lumps

Dec. 5, 2005: Saw Dr. Lau, dermatologist. He noted lymphedema on left side of the tip of my nose. Took biopsy of nose. Pathology report said squamous cell carcinoma-in-situ.

Dec. 8, 2005: Began treatment of nose with Effudex-40. (Topical 5FU) For two weeks, once a day at bedtime.

Dec. 21, 2005: Last day of Effudex. It is not pretty. Red, scabby and flaky nose.

Dec 23, 2005: Found a lump on the left side of my neck. Feels like a small, hard marble.

Dec. 31, 2005: Saw Dr. Gorbaty in Van Nuys. He found a chain of enlarged nodes. Gave me prescriptions for CT scans and recommended excision and biopsy.

Jan. 2, 2006: Had Ct scans of abdomen and chest at Ventura Community Hospital. Drove to San Ysidro, checked in to Best Western Motel.

Jan 3, 2006: Took shuttle to the Bio-Medical Center in Tijuana. Brought CD of CT scans. Saw Dr. Trujillo and was given regimen to follow, and Hoxsey tonic and supplements (C, Calcium and Yew Needle capsules.) to take as prescribed. Says to repeat scans in three months and return to the clinic at that time for reevaluation.

Feb. 6, 2006: I feel something new on the left side of my neck. Not round, and slightly to the front of the first lump I discovered.

Feb. 8, 2006: Awoke to find my "first" lump, on left side of my neck, swollen and painful to the touch. I phoned Dr. Trujillo. He said it was a common reaction, to go back on Wobenzym for the inflammation. Within three days the inflammation was gone, the lump had shrunk back to what it was, and is not at all painful to the touch. Continue to follow the dietary guidelines and take the supplements and Yew needle capsules as prescribed.

Feb. My darling bossy son-in-law called Dr. Olson's office and made an appointment for me for a "consultation" 3:34 Thurs. March 2. Will see Dr. Lau March 3 for checkup re skin cancer.


1. Hindsight being what it is, I think the lumps in the area of my left collarbone may have been there as long ago as April, 2005. That month I joined the YMCA and when I started working out on the weight machines, I felt a bit of discomfort on lifting and lowering my arms overhead. At the time I blamed it on an old injury to my shoulder from a bike riding accident.

2. I wonder if this is in my bones. I sometimes have a rather severe pain in what I think is my left lower leg bone. I occasionally noticed this before discovering lumps. I don't think it is knee pain, but can't be sure.

March 5, 2006: Weekend in Palm Springs

On Thursday I saw Dr. Olson for the first time in about eight years. I would not have expected him to remember me, but he did. He looked at me rather as Lazarus arisen from the dead. "You made a liar out of me," he said with good humor. "That doesn't happen very often." He is comfortable with my decision to do Hoxsey. "You clearly made the right choice for yourself nine years ago," he said. "Let's hope it works again." He will follow my case and we'll see how it goes. He told me that Rituxin is now available for treatment of NHL and is not as toxic as chemo.
We shall see, won't we.