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March 29, 2005

been a while since last entry

I'm still here and alive, I think. Things have been so hectic around here. They are doing apartment inspections next month and my daughters birthday is comming up and they are doing bug prevention spraying in 2 days. Easter has been really hard cause i dont have anywhere to go for it. I would have liked to do a easter candy hunt for Jill and my kids but i didnt have money to go and buy it this year, and we are cutting back on candy a bit. I'm trying to get Jill to eat other stuff. I've been switching in and out alot. Its all soo exhausting. We got in a slight car accident, no one was injured but it did scare us a good bit. We missed our appointment with t and dont see her for another week yet, its been 3 weeks since we saw her last. Thats the basic update. I'm gonna try writing more in here than i have been. Its just soo hard to get down in words what i feel inside or any of us feels. I feel like a walking zombie when I'm me, beyond that i really dont know.

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March 2, 2005

Finger painting

today wefinger painted with home made finger paint, ate pizza and all did individual projects. We have 2 apointments tomorrow and I dont feel like getting up that early to go. If we dont go though we lose our assistance. Life... what a joy.

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March 1, 2005


2 more days and then I can cut. I want to do it soo bad. Cant let the dr see it though and that is why I have to wait till after the appointment thursday. I dont want to die. I just want to cut and make everything go away for a little while. Too much stuff going on and have to keep it all inside. Not ok to talk about any of it.

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