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October 1, 2005


Have you ever had the feeling that everything around you is moving a different speed and your getting left behind? Or that you are in this constant haze? I get that alot, I look at people and i know there talking cause their lips are moving. I mean they have to be talking right? but theres no sound comming out. Then i try looking at something and its like its not really there, like this is all a dream and i'll wake up any minute. Only i never seem to wake up.
Does the pain of being a child abuse survivor ever go away? I cry every night for the little girl that is lost inside of me.

On a better note though, we have a new mommy and she is really really awesome. we actually made it through a whole month with out getting depressed and suicidal, that has not happened in years. Jodi or t even commented that we seemed to be doing really good. I really hope this lasts.

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