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November 19, 2005


We had visitors up for a couple of days. It was really nice but at the same time it was sad because they weren't here to see us, they just needed a place to crash at night.

We just bought a car but it needs work, so now we have to figure out someplace to put it. We aren't allowed to put it on our property because that would break the lease. *sighs* It seems like once we overcome one challenge, another one pops up on us.

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November 9, 2005


we went shopping yesterday and picked up a new outfit for about $12. Its more for Jill cause i hate skirts. its got a white blouse and a pink plaid skirt. The skirt is more of a skort since it has shorts sewn on underneath it. we also got a cheseburger and some more yarn, blue for cookie monster.

We went to sleep around 7:30 last night and just crashed from all the stress we have been going through. Tott and Jill have a school assignment to write or tell a story they have heard, or one they make up about thanksgiving. that should take them a few days to do. Theyve been doing really good in school. I think report cards come out next month but i'm not sure.

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November 7, 2005


things have been really busy around here latly. both kids are sick, and we have been babysitting alot. We did get another sesame street character finished out of plastic canvas today. weve done elmo, big bird, grover, and ernie. right now we are working on bert.

Tott and jill started school. they are having soo much fun with it. Tott is learning her abc and how to count and Jill gets a chance to interact with other kids her age. They have a really nice teacher too.

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November 6, 2005


I finally got in here again to do some posting. It took me over a month to figure out i had my inbox set to exclussive and thats why the password wasnt going through. can you say *DUH!* i need a secretary for my brain. someone to file everything nice and neat so i can remember stuff better. Maybe someone to colorcode the memories too. I could use different colors for different memories, maybe even file the bad ones wayyyyy back somewhere. Somewhere that i wouldnt have to remember them all the time. maybe things wouldnt hurt so much on the inside then. I'd settle though for just being able to remember things like what i was talking about in the middle of a conversation, or where i put things, or even who i am. I know i got this body and i'm supposed to be 23, but i dont feel 23. I keep lookin at the calendar thinkin maybe its wrong. like maybe its 95 and not 2005. all the adults just looks soo big compared to me. i feel like i've been pushed out from a plane and 10,000 feet and droped into the middle of nowhere and been told * ok your on your own* with no supplies or anything

we got 5 weeks inbetween seeing our t this time. we are on week 4 this week. its not supposed to be that way though. we are supposed to see her every 2 weeks. *sighs* its almost over though, just a lil over a week left till we go in.

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