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May 26, 2006

my new home

we got a new home now and its really nice for the most part. Its kinna hard to get used to though. I think the hardest part is getting used to having someone else be in charge. sometimes it does wear on the nerves a bit, i think its just a control issue. i'm not sure if its ever gonna be something i will get used to. I love my new mom and dad with all my heart, its jus really hard not being able to do what i want when i want to and how i want to. the no argueing rule is reallyyyyyy hard on me. No argueing is like saying , ok now dont breath. I'm just very opinionated. I'm young but i've been through stuff. I think lots of us with this disorder have. I'm so used todoing everything on my own though. I am really happy i got a mom and a dad now, real ones. Not online, not temporary, but real. Its such a big adjustment though. My mom is really pretty and i doubt i will ever see her in any other way. I've kinna been in a statement of complete and total awe since the first time i even spoke to her on the phone. I fell for my mom instantly. I think thats kinna the way it is with real little kids. they think the world of their parents when their little. Almost like mommie and daddy are super heros. Right now i cant think of a single thing i wouldnt do for my mom. I'm sure if i thought hard enough i could think of something. I'm kinna at the same point with my dad. Not quite as much though but i'm getting there. having a dad is a bigger adjustment for me. i'm jus not sure what i'm supposed to be feeling n stuff yet. i got all these emotions comming through now and i dont even know what i'm feeling most of the time and then i just get frustrated.

on the good side, other than having a mom and a dad, i also got siblings now, good siblings and 3 cats. I love all my new family with all my heart.

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