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August 23, 2006

Library & settleing in

My sisters and i went to the library today. I got my kids Home on the range, the movie and i got harry potter and a serious of unfortunate events.
Things have been going pretty good, I just got back a few days ago after being gone for a lil over a month. I had to go back to my apartment and get a few things cleared up. It was sorta hard being there on my own. I really missed my mom, but now i'm home again so everything is ok.

I had one scare while i was gone. Someone tried to break into my apartment while i was in it. I ended up spending the week bunking up with a neighbor and close friend of mine. calling her a close friend seems kinna strange to me. Calling anyone close seems strange. Being close to someone means letting down the wall that i've built around me. It means not having so many secrets and not being fake. Is there anyone that i am close to like that? At this point i dont think there is.
This whole adjustment has been really hard but it seems to be going better this time. everything is a bit more relaxed.

I miss talking to everyone online. Jill has been really bummed about getting booted out of the orphanage she was at online. Its hard for a little one to go through that much disapointment and have to pretend yet that everything is ok.

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