November 8, 2006

have you ever had one of those days?

have you ever had one of those days where you can feel all the hairs on your head turning grey? One of those days when you just know people are trying to make you go insane.

Its been one of those days for me with both of my girls. They seem to be on a contest to see who can make mommie go nuts the fastest. They have been taking turns all day today having screaming contests for everything from wanting my candy to being told to laydown for a nap. I seriously think at least half of my hair has turned grey today. I finally had to take some xanx because my nerves were fried.

On a good note we went shopping last night and while I have to cringe at the bill for my meds and other things, I had a blast with my mom. It was nice just getting out of the house and having some positive time together.

things get so busy here alot. Its nice when things slow down for a little while.

I think we are going to the library soon to pick out some new books. Jill really likes the berenstein bear books. I think they are her favorite.
I started to read a serious of unfortunate events and got almost through the whole series. I didnt care for them much but they are the kind of book that are soooooooooo annoying that you have to finish reading them just for the principal of the thing.

jill and amy are going to start school soon. I signed them both up on this online school type place that is really a neat place. They have different classes for different ages. I think it will give them something to do.

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