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October 29, 2007

I registered today on this one site that has people of all ages on it, inner kids like me and grown ups too. jill has been on it a while but she wont really talk to anyone. She says she feels sorta funny. Personally i think little kids are just pains.

I want to get some new clothes and put red some red stripes in my hair. Maybe get some chains and stuff too. I hate almost all the clothes we have here. Almost everything is made for jill or the others. They all have horrible taste!

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October 28, 2007

yesterday was sorta a tough day for me. My mom cooked breakfast and brought it over to me which was really cool. But then i sorta woke up and said thanks mom and gave her a kiss infront of her son. I felt sooooooo bad about it. Kinna like I really screwed up and was this big failure n stuff. I sorta faded in and out all day. I know silent spent alot of time around yesterday cause i ended up with part of a new poem. its still a fragment yet.

In the stillness of the night once more
Settles an air of doom and despair

Shadows dance to and fro
Across an empty shallow heart

A hollow voice screams out
of anger pain and hurt.

Everytime i was around yesterday i felt like my skin was crawling. Just the thought of even being touched almost made me jump outta my skin. I've been like that off and on now for a lil while now.

I kinna wonder why it is that we feel that we have to be so perfect? Like if something goes bad for us so often its like the end of the world. Letting someone else down or the thought that we may have let someone else down makes us wanna hide away forever somewhere and just sorta give up on everything.

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October 15, 2007

october 15th

wow! its been a really long time since i've done a journal entry on here. Theres been so many changes for me, some good, others not so good. For a while i sorta entered almost like an alternate space, at least thats how i would describe it. I'm not sure how else to put it into words. Its like wakeing up and you know your bodys moving and your talking n stuff like that but it doesnt really seem or feel like its you doing it.

My mom moved out and divorced my dad. Sometimes i feel really sad about it but other times happy too cause at times she wasnt so nice to amy n jill. On the goodside. with her leaving I gained a new mom and also a bestfriend. Shes been absolutly wonderful having around. I dont expect that things will be perfect but i do expect that things will be alot better than what they have been in the past for me.

I finished up accounting and am now taking early child hood education. Jill has joined a group for inner kids and amy, well amy is being amy. I have yet to meet a teenager that isnt difficult, or doesnt think they know everything.

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