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January 30, 2005

Day 16 to Change

Day before Yesterday I officially broke my fast I had a can of smoked oysters and toasts. Then yesterday I had a chicken breast with brocoli and cheese with stir fried veggies in a dry non stick pan. I couldn't finish it. YEA!!! I had cofffee a few hours later and then a cup and 1/2 of 2% milk with a couple gingersnaps. Haven't eaten anything since. I'm going to pick up veggies and fruit to juice for monday. I'll do veggie/juice for 3 days at least to get further detoxified.

I feel so good about not feeling major cravings or wanting to run into kitchen because I'm bored or loney. I've been up most of the night writing and listening to the Eagles "Hotel California" Singing along with it and freezing because there's no heat on in here and I've been too caught up to turn it on. I do that get too caught up and everything else just gets ignored no matter how uncomfortable I feel. Very strange way to behave. Sometimes I think I do it because I don't think I deserve it, oh well I guess I've said that many times before... Don't deserve, my sick motto!

It says it's 65 degrees in here and 44 degrees outside, but hey it feels like it's 30 degrees right now and the deep coldness I keep feeling! could be fireplace I don't know. Between my period and fasting and eating minute amounts I could just be really out of whack.

Anways I do believe I will call it a day. Optimistic about the future weight wise for the first time in ages!!!!!

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Wondering how you are doing/

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