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December 11, 2006

Turning around at the crossroads

I haven’t weighed in for a couple weeks now. Just don’t feel up to the disappointments lately.

I’ve been drinking water all day I’ve had 64 oz already. Had some baked cabbage and potato with Italian sausage. It was just a little over a cup of it. It was tasty and healthy, but I still felt hungry. I waited at least 15 minutes and then had a bowl of granola. I’d be more discouraged about my weight if I didn’t keep trying.

Last week I had to take a family member to the hospital and that really was exhaustive PTSD wise. I was dreading the next appointment for them but now I have an appointment so I guess I can leave it for them to find someone else to take them.

My focus is school right now, which starts tomorrow. I’ve been working on my reading and assignments today. I don’t want to start the session behind.

My attention is so strange these days. I am rather emotional but I expect that has something to do with the season. Well here’s my blood pressure

160/83 BP 72 pulse

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