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January 12, 2007

Daniel Fast Rules

I thought I would be doing the fast on salad and popcorn and protein shakes, but it’s come to me spiritually to do the fast on water. I have a few major issues to get revelation from so I’ll cleanse my system completely and turn away from the richness of food. I’ll start on Martin Luther king Jr.’s birthday, which has a strong personal symbolism for me; someone who put the good of all mankind ahead of his own personal safety. The truth is, there’s a calm and serenity that I experienced the last time I did a Daniel Fast that I long for with a true hunger. I don’t need food right now to feed my soul; I need the Holy Spirit. I’ll post my demons out unless I get too wigged out. There’s a whole new direction for my life and it doesn’t involve a dependence on anything that doesn’t uplift my soul. I’ll probably count down the hours because that used to motivate me. I’ll be working on 408 hours starting at Midnight Monday morning. I’ll fill out my contract and get rid of all the foods that will be perishable. The good thing is this time the fast will prepare me for the spiritually changing Lenten Season! It will be interesting to see how my blood pressure and my attitude and my thoughts change over the 17 days of the fast.


140/75 BP 72 pulse

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January 10, 2007

Protein Shake Down Salad Days

I’m trying to get myself to think about food as fuel instead of comfort! If I can hold my own as far as replacing a few meals with a protein shake or a head of Romaine lettuce then I’ll be well on my way to a healthier body and weight. When I start back on the Daniel Fast it will only involve the salad, protein shake and popcorn. Nothing else. I’m still praying to figure out when the best day to start the fast in the next week or so. One thing’s for sure I’m starting to crave the fresh green leaves of Romaine big time.


156/79 BP 74 pulse

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January 9, 2007

The Cookie Monster

Visited me today. I was clearly feeling stressed. Boy I keep finding myself doing little sabotaging things. I know I want my weight to go back down so I’m thinking that doing a Daniel Fast that involves salad, popcorn and protein shakes would be good. I’ll see. I also wouldn’t mind a water fast. I’ll see. I need to pray on it to be sure. School’s coming along and I’ve actually raised my grades slightly but there’s no time to rest on any laurels, if there are any, I’ve still got 2 weeks left so I must continue to be diligent.


155/79 BP 83 pulse

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January 8, 2007

When Weight loss Goals Go Wrong

My weight has gone up 3 lbs! Well there’s a response to a stressful week where I obviously ate a few too many chocolate treats for that time of the month. Before now I never had cravings during my period, but well I guess the older I get the more my body goes through changes…okay as if that isn’t known by the whole world. Still it’s strange to start having the issues that most women start out with.

I took on a challenge for 2 weeks. A salad, bowl of popcorn, and at least one protein shake will make up my eating every day. I will have other things, but these I must eat every day. They’ll be filling, they’re healthy and hopefully they’ll help to keep me too full to want a bunch of other things. I haven’t added up all the calories yet but I’ll get that done today.


158/75 BP 69 pulse

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January 4, 2007

I’m coming along!

I am thankful to God for this, and let me have staying power in my healthy and spiritual pursuits! AMEN!

I’ve included the link to Fitday which lists my eating for the day etc.


143/64 BP 95 pulse

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January 2, 2007

New Starts, New Year, New Me!

I’ve decided to do the weightloss this year in steps. This way, I hope to maintain weight loss by feeling more accomplished with smaller steps. I’ll try to post my Blood Pressure every day as well as check in with exercise and any other changes. Even though I still haven’t gone all the way back up to my highest weight I feel like I’m even fatter than that. Day two of the new year and I have to start focusing on the things I don’t want to do that are really best for me. I will attempt to reconcile my issues with commitment and try to journal every day and weigh in at least once a week every Monday. So here goes.

158/85 BP 66 pulse

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