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August 11, 2007

Cleanse Your spirit; Lose the weight!

Blood Pressure: 142/76 Pulse: 71

Wow blood pressure way down today closer to my normal Blood pressure before all the weight gain. Today I had a great start to my day. I have two main fears these days’ bugs and the shower. The bugs are understandable; the shower is definitely strange. After gaining this much weight, it’s been difficult being able to stand long enough to shower long, and it’s hard to reach lots of places. It used to be that my back would hurt and then my feet would hurt and then I’d just find it hard to get really clean for my standard, without a handheld showerhead. Today sat for about 20 minutes trying to psych myself up enough to take the shower. I finally told myself: “Just get the key areas and that’s okay” I got in the shower today and I could have stayed for hours! I took a long drawn out shower, reached all over my body and it felt just fine! Actually it felt great and I was able to scrub clean really well. I got out and languished for a spell and even put moisturizer on my face. I never do that, I never see to myself in such personal ways. I know it’s only 35lbs, but I swear there is something about the amount of water I drink daily and think about how I’m treating myself or loving me. The water is just cleansing my soul and my ways. Food just doesn’t taste the way it used to and water tastes like the spirit of God. I wish somehow I could impart the life that runs through my veins now. There is hope for me; there is hope for everyone. There is not only hope there is a destiny of a healthier, happier, wide-eyed the road and me stretches wide and beautiful finally with the life God meant for me to have. I am truly thankful.

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