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August 7, 2007

"Human" sized Body

Blood Pressure: 160/77 Pulse: 68

I almost can’t believe it; I’m down 34 lbs! I guess all that water added to better choices of food, most of the time is finally working! I still can’t seem to get the “post all your food” bit down. I literally hate taking the time to look up everything and then add ingredients for ones not listed etc. Maybe I’ll get to that someday but right now it’s a stressor I really don’t need to bother with. I do believe the experts that say it helps with weight loss; it’s just not one of the things I’ve been able to get myself to do. To be perfectly honest, for me convenience and ease is the best thing to keep me on track. Counting all the calories and such etc just drives me nuts. It works for some people, but then weightloss is a highly personal issue. People are made up of all kinds of different chemical equations so it makes sense that all programs don’t work for all people. It’s not so much the physical equations as much as the mental and social ones. Obviously for me I’ve been dehydrated for a very long time. Today I had some seafood with pasta, with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I couldn’t finish it all and the rest will be left for another day. I don’t like to get full because then it’s hard to drink as much water as I crave these days. I burp a lot and I use the bathroom constantly, but things run pretty clear and obviously it’s doable to get me back to a “human” sized body! Fat ass indeed!

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