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October 18, 2007

Water, My Body's Best Friend.

Blood Pressure: 149/77
Pulse 72
Weight 506

Blood pressure’s trying to normalize. I’m down another 3 pounds, but barely eating, if at all. My thought process is that the more excess weight/FAT I can get off the better to avoid a stroke or worse. I mean, which would you rather have, food or life??? I don’t’ know quite why I never looked at that bottom line before, but it’s very real to me now. I’m still ridiculous though had a couple cookies yesterday even though they tasted too sweet. I will probably throw them out, they seemed stale, if not, it’s a good excused to waste food. I’m not afraid of them it is simply just not what I want to eat unconsciously, and they really did seem stale. That particular cookie jar doesn’t seal like the old one. Okay who cares about all this crap, I’ve got 6 more pounds before I reach 500! That’s a big number I’ve been battling for the past year. I’ll be in the 400’s soon and that’s surely something to work toward! The new ticker will be 500 to 399. I can’t wait to switch. I hope I can this weekend! I’ll re-measure my body after reaching 499. Water is my best friend these days. It works harder for me than anything, other than my heart! My goal is to be hungry all the time, then, I know my fat will be burned. I’m going to learn to enjoy hunger pangs in my stomach, and I want to go to bed hungry every night. I want to get my Blood Pressure down below 140 at least with the next hundred pounds I lose. It’s taken a while, but I’m on my way, that I can feel! Someone asked me what I was doing because they could see some loss in my body (I can’t) I told them water.

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