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February 18, 2008

Clarity, a Life’s Best Friend?

Blood Pressure: 158/82
Pulse 84
Weight 518

Realizations, etc., are not very fun. It’s a hard thing to swallow knowing that you give more than you get. It’s even harder to swallow when you realize you give more away because you feel you’re empty somehow and hope that the returns will fill you up. I hate how little I have loved this person that looks back at me in the mirror, (whom I often avoid by avoiding mirrors for fear I will see the truth about how I treat me), I hate how I’ve allowed other people’s junk coerce me into continuing their mistreatment of me with the hurts they inflicted and I’ve bought foolishly as the truth! What’s at the crux of my weight, the belief that I don’t deserve to look any different.

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