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March 1, 2006

40 Reasons to Fast

Something to think about, 40 reasons for having a complete fast:

1. I’ll create a stronger opportunity for connecting with God on a deeper level
2. I’ll become more in tune with my own body physically and emotionally
3. It’s something I’ve wanted to do and have admired since I was a little girl following Jesus’ journey during the Passion of the Christ.
4. It will show me more about how much I’m willing to do for my lord and myself.
5. It will release the clutter in my mind as my body rids itself of toxins and unhealthy fat.
6. It will create a sense of strength and courage that I believe have and now will know I have!
7. I can replace the time I would have spent eating praying.
8. I’ll have more time to spend with my dogs physically.
9. I can get still; experience Quiet!
10. I can focus more dedicatedly on my prayer list, and those who would benefit from these prayers.
11. It will help me to see myself in a better light
12. I’ll have more time to write
13. I’ll save money
14. I can look forward to physical changes that I can see on top of the spiritual growth.
15. I will develop deeper compassion for people that are forced to sacrifice anything in their lives.
16. I will become more obedient and structured.
17. I’ll be able to release the negative thoughts that constantly seem to hover in my mind.
18. I’ll be able to see more clearly how everything in the world truly reacts with my soul and being.
19. I’ll be able to hear more than the din of the world I’ll be able to hear it’s heart sounds and whisperings.
20. I’ll connect better to my writing talents.
21. I’ll look at everyone with cleaner eyes and resolve.
22. I can focus on eradicating the nasty habit of being judgmental in any area of my thinking and life.
23. My purpose in life will be revealed to me more succinctly, not because it’s never been revealed but because this time I’ll actually be listening!
24. Physically my body will get the rest it needs from digesting things coming into it and take care of things it needs to get rid of, like a spring-cleaning.
25. I will achieve balance in all areas of my life.
26. I will be able to say I did it at least once in my life, and since tomorrow’s not promised why not try it this Lenten season.
27. My feet
28. My knees
29. My back
30. My ankles
31. My skin
32. My liver
33. My heart
34. My blood pressure
35. My wrists.
36. My equilibrium will be better and steadier.
37. To feel totally rejuvenated and euphoric!
38. I’ll feel more comfortable in my skin
39. I feel called to do this.
40. With all the assaults, therapy, lost job, lost income, lost “friends,” and total neglect of myself, I will finally feel like I’m more than every negative thing done to me or said about me even by me. I will be triumphant and ready, truly ready to start my life over and move on in all areas of my life.

Found an old journal from 20 years ago and my insecurities were stronger, nonetheless I still often feel lost in my world at times. I was so much smaller and thought that I was hideously fat. I’ve become that which I focused on and feared! Clearly I must choose to fear being 130lbs and thin and healthy! I must focus on this. If I’m not careful becoming more in tune with myself spiritually might force me to become a slimmer more balanced person. Watch out your destiny’s coming! Amen.

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March 1, 2006

Thus begins the Lenten Season

Day 1, Ash Wednesday and I’ve found a couple great sites to assist with the journey. There are several sanctioned fasts according to Christian tradition. My sweetie is going to do one that involves one meal a day and Juices the rest of the time. I like the bread and water and juices one I was reading about. I’d already decided to limit my calories daily to keep myself obedient. That would give me leeway to abstain from food completely if I choose to on weekends etc. The main thing is to set a prayer schedule of Morning, night, afternoon, and during moments of “weakness.”

I’ve been thinking about how to get my routine going for some time, but didn’t want to settle on something I might possibly fail at.

One of the websites has a journaling schedule and I’ll really try to be true to that because spiritually I know it will uplift me.

P. S. Dee doing the Daniel Fast for lent I'll definitely put you on my prayer list! May God Bless you and keep you strong and uplifted!

And thank you for all the encouragement from those that have posted it, I really truly appreciate it!

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