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February 24, 2006

Almonds and Apples

8:00 AM
Well today’s experiment has started. I cut up 1 apple into 7 slices and measured out 30 unsalted almonds that I roasted without any oil or spray in the oven slowly. I count out how many 2-hour increments I have from the time I am ready to eat breakfast until 10 Pm. So 15 hours. I’ll have one slice of apple every 2 hours and then one almond every hour or 2 every 2 hours whichever I remember to do. I did set the timer to see if that helps me to remember to eat and to show me how much time until the next little meal. The total calories of this daily meal are 335 calories. This breaks down into 57%Fat, 10% protein and 33% Carbohydrate. Those aren’t the best percentages. If I add my protein shake “Major Egg” mixed with “Supreme Whey” and only mixed with water then I’ll add 200 calories and the stats will move up to 42% Protein, 36% Fat, 25% Carbohydrate. I’ll see how hungry I feel towards the end of the day and maybe I can cut out some of those almonds and drop the fat content today. We’ll see. So far I’ve already had my send meal and 3 almonds. If I could do one almond every 2 hours then I could really drop that fat.

I don’t know we’ll see.

1:37 PM
I have about 20 minutes till next meal. About 20 minutes ago the hunger was really large.

3:39 PM
I did have my apple slice and my almond. I was still hungry an hour later. I finally opened a can of soup. I also added some black-eyed peas and some Italian toast pieces. I’m really stuffed now. I won’t be able to eat at 4 pm. So I’ll reset the timer. This may carry me through the rest of the night. It’s Friday and I’ll just watch movies on DVD tonight. If I get ravenous I still have 4 slices of apple and quite a few almonds.

Right now I’m at 850 Calories, 21% Fat, 59% Carbohydrate, 20% Protein.

The night is generally on the hard side for me. I guess that’s when I feel lonelier. Funny though, I prefer the night because then it’s harder for people to see just how fat and hideously shaped my body is. If I could spend my days and nights losing weight without anyone looking at me, I’d feel better about myself it seems to me. Even as I type that I know that it’s a pretty caustic statement to make.

5:19 PM
Still feel full and satiated. Groceries were dropped off today and always I want a “treat” from groceries, but this was all staples except some Vanilla Ice cream. I think it was easier to “NOT EAT” at all. So goes the struggle. It’s Mardi Gras Weekend going into Fat Tuesday. I still need to figure out my Lenten sacrifice. Maybe I’ll just give up food on weekends or every other day or something. Food’s my big vice so it sounds good to me.

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