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March 27, 2006

Yoga May Help Kids and Teens De-stress

More and more parents are sending their kids and teens off to yoga class to improve their health and help them de-stress.

Growing up isn't as stress-free as it used to be.

There are academic and athletic demands; peer pressure from other students and sometimes even juggling a part-time job along with school.

Yoga may be the solution to relieving some of these stresses for pre-teens and teens. (Manitowoc Herald)

September 6, 2004

Yoga Not Substitute for Aerobics, Biofeedback for Asthma Patients

"Practising yoga is good for making your body supple but does not help to control weight and is an inadequate substitute for vigorous exercise, according to the results of a recent study."

"Biofeedback training aimed at increasing heart rate variability appears to allow asthma patients to reduce the amount inhaled steroid drugs they need to control their symptoms, researchers report."

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