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September 30, 2004

Vioxx Recalled, Traditional Diabetes Remedy Offers Hope

"The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Thursday acknowledged the voluntary withdrawal from the market of Vioxx (chemical name rofecoxib), a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) manufactured by Merck & Co."

"India's traditional diabetes remedy from its native curry-leaf tree really does work, and could potentially be the making of a multi-billion dollar alternative drug, a landmark British pharmaceutical conference heard on Wednesday."

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September 14, 2004

DHEA for Lupus, Red Meat and Diabetes

"A new study finds the drug prasterone, the pharmaceutical form of DHEA, reduces the disease flare-ups associated with lupus and did not have negative side effects."

"Middle age and elderly women whose diets include a lot of red meat appear to have an increased risk of developing diabetes."

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