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March 23, 2005

Terri Schiavo Brings Awareness to Bulimia

Terri Schiavo's husband, Michael Schiavo, claims his wife suffered from bulimia that led to a dangerous potassium deficiency which in turn caused heart failure. Terri's parents and some of her friends say they doubt Terri suffered from bulimia and that nobody knows what caused her 1990 collapse. Whether she struggled with bulimia or not, her case has shed light on the very real dangers that people suffering from bulimia face.

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March 06, 2005

Lindsay Lohan Denies Anorexia Reports

Lindsay Lohan has been battling rumors that she suffers from anorexia. The redheaded teen star has recently lost a lot of weight, but says her weight loss is due to hormonal changes and the natural loss of baby fat as she matures. (

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