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August 23, 2005

Wealth Does Not Cut Dementia Risk

Being richer and healthier provides no protection against developing dementia, a Medical Research Council study says ... Researchers found people in affluent areas, where there is better health and longer life expectancy, were no less at risk of developing the brain condition. (BBC)

April 14, 2005

Pessimism and Dementia

Pessimistic, anxious and depressed people may have a higher risk of dementia, U.S. researchers reported on Thursday. (Reuters)

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April 07, 2005

Sex and Crosswords May Ward Off Dementia

"Sex, cryptic crosswords and a good run could help ward off dementia and other degenerative conditions by stimulating new brain cells, an Australian researcher said on Thursday."

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December 15, 2004

Dementia and Cardiovascular Health

"Protecting cardiovascular health may also keep your memory intact, according to a new review of the medical literature for a condition called mixed dementia."

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