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September 23, 2004

Early Test for Breast Cancer, Soy-Rich Food for Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer Associated with Melanoma Risk

"Harvard researchers at Children's Hospital Boston have developed a simple urine test that appears to detect breast cancer early and accurately track tumor growth."

"In our study we used cell cultures to examine the effects of isoflavones on the invasion of breast cancer cells. The isoflavones exerted potent inhibitory effects on breast cancer cell invasion, even at concentrations similar to those found in South East-Asian populations."

"There appears to be a bidirectional association between female breast cancer and cutaneous melanoma, according to results of a new study."

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September 01, 2004

Radiation for Breast Cancer, Does Nicole Kidman Have Osteoporosis?

"Older women with breast cancer may forgo the rigors of radiation after breast-conserving surgery, but radiation therapy may help younger women with early stages of the disease, new research says."

"When Nicole Kidman broke two ribs while shooting for Moulin Rouge, she decided a visit to the doctor was in order."

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