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March 30, 2006


Work has been crazy this week. It is absolutely beautiful outside and I am stuck inside at my desk.

Been eating loads of fruits this week. Honeydew, watermelon and strawberries have been so sweet. I know that I have been eating more than I should be but it tastes so good. And come on... its not like it's chocolate... it's fruit.

Have not been using my Vitamix nearly enough. I would love to hear about any good juices (veggie or fruit) that people enjoy.

I also have my 25th birthday party a week from Saturday. My actual birthday is April 11th but this will be a joint bday party with one of my best friends. I have tons of friends coming in from out of town. I haven't seen some of them in over a year and I want to show them how much I've changed since eating raw foods. I can't wait!

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Hello Mara and happy birthday.I am an avid juicer and my favorite juice is carrot celery and some type of green.I realy like parsley,spinach for my greens.But for energy I do fresh wheatgrass.I use a greenstar 2000 to juice with not my vitamix5000.Do you grow your own sprouts?

I haven't started to grow my own sprouts but I would LOVE to learn how to do that. Is is easy? Any advice? Thanks in advance.

Hello Mara the only sprouting I do is wheatgrass.It is easy to do,but is a bit labbor intensive.Wheatgrass involves a dirt medium and strict moisture control.I just started gearing up production here in central ILL..The wheather isnt cooperating yet.Still a bit chilly outside.Wheatgrass juice is intensly energising,not that you would need energy on a raw diet.I am about 50% raw with a goal to be 80% raw by years end.I also plan to start sprouting alfalfa,mung bean,and a few other sprouts.Dhydrating is another venture I need to do.It is difficult to be raw here accses to organic foods is limited and costly.I hope the cake turns out well.

Hey Mara. I 've been following your blog since I'm trying a week of raw (started on April 11- your birthday, which happens to be the day after MY birthday! Happy birthday...). Anyways, love the recipes and info. Keep it up, please!

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