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March 20, 2006

I feel like a rabbit

I wonder if I am going to turn orange from all of the carrots that I eat. John and his father own a produce distribution company so I have to talk to him about bringing me home a 50 pound bag of organic carrots one day soon. I always find myself spending more money than I plan to at Whole Foods. It has got to be easier, and cheaper, to have the boyfriend bring a huge bag of them home from work.

Had a wonderful weekend. Went out to dinner three nights in a row and did not have a problem finding something to eat at each of the restaurants, although I did go for cooked food on Sat night. Sashimi, oysters, and cucumber maki rolls on Friday night (i plan on trying to make the maki rolls at home... just a bunch of raw fish and bean sprouts wrapping up in thin strips of cucumber- it was delish). Marinated calamari salad and sesame crusted ahi tuna on Saturday night. And went to a place with a huge salad bar on Sunday night. Had a couple of drinks on Saturday night too. Boy, am I not used to drinking alcohol anymore. I had a great time on Sat night, but the worst headache on Sunday morning... it was like a college flashback. Felt so much better after I started moving around and running errands.

So I'm finishing up work on Monday, 20 mins to go. I always end up laughing to myself whenever I pack up food to eat at work. This morning I put the following items into a bag to eat throughout the day:
- tupperware container full of red cabbage
-2 large carrots
-2 large stalks of celery
-1 cucumber
-small container of mixed fruit
-2 small apples

I pretty much chop up and eat these items throughout the day at my desk. I know that I have to do something about getting back into my hour long walks, but I've been really busy at work recently so I haven't had time to take a real lunch break.

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