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March 6, 2006

Making the Decision to Go on a Raw Diet

Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Mara. I am 24 years old and have always been interested in trying new types of foods to better my health. I have been very athletic my entire life. My family has owned a health food store for the past 11 years so I have always been aware of alternative medicines and treatments.

My initial interest and eventual jump into a raw foods diet began 5 months ago. I just got back from a weekend trip of eating loads of processed foods with a bunch of my girlfriends and I felt so tired and sick. Even my muscles ached.

That Monday, I was so unproductive at work. I kept falling asleep at my desk. I decided that since I couldn't get any work done that I would search online for articles and books about health and wellness. I really enjoyed reading about how people feel so much younger and have so much energy while eating raw foods. I decided to try it out.

I started with a week-long detox fast/diet to clean out my toxins. A copy of the detox that I followed can be found here.

That initial detox was 5 months ago. I've been pretty much 80% raw since then and typically eat cooked food one day a week or one day every other week. I am now trying to step it up to 95% raw. In addition, I plan on getting in some more exercise too; especially since spring is coming. I love to go for long walks outside. I can't wait.

My current measurements:
height - 5 ft 8 inches
weight - 141.5 pounds
bust - 36 inches
waist - 28 inches
hips - 36 inches

I would like to get my weight back down to 135 pds.

I woke up at 7:15 am this morning to get ready for work. I have been drinking room temp spring water all day long at my desk. It is now 2:00 pm and I will be heading out to grab a carrot, spinach, apple, wheat grass juice.

I juice a lot and I finally came to my senses and ordered a Vitamix juicer. I know it’s expensive but, if you are determined to stick to this diet, this juicer is definitely worth the money. I have been using a different kind and have been wasting so much pulp. I spend enough money on organic vegetables and fruits that I should have purchased a Vitamix from the beginning. I also ordered a dehydrator and look forward to trying out some recipes.

I look forward to taking this next step in my raw foods diet and am excited to share this journey with you.

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Hi, Mara, you got me thinking about the whole processed food thingy. After reading your first diary entry, I am at the moment looking into your lifestyle. I'm sick of being tired and feeling blah.


Hi James, that is exactly how I was feeling right before I made the decision to go raw. I now feel so light and energetic. My mind is even clearer than it used to be. I got my mother to try it out for a week and she felt the same changes. She doesn't follow it as much as I do, but she has incorporated much more raw foods into her diet and she has never felt better. I say go for it. Why hold yourself back from feeling better than ever?

Hi Mara, I found the link to your blog through Chi Living Foods News. I am just starting my living foods journey and it's very inspirational and helpful to read your experiences with raw eating!

I'm happy to hear that I could help. Have fun on the journey!

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