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Do you want a chance to help others and have a place to vent at the same time? Being diagnosed with a disease, going through a surgery, or having dietary restrictions can be isolating and terrifying. By sharing your story, from success to failure and everything in between, you can help others who are on the same journey. There is great medical information on the Internet but it is usually impersonal, giving statistics and facts but no real idea of what living with a particular disease or condition is like or what going through a particular medical procedure will be like. That's where Health Diaries comes in. We publish real stories by real people, filling in the personal, everyday details that many other sites leave out.

Health Diaries is not a replacement for more traditional websites. Rather, it complements them. Health Diaries does not dispense medical advice, but a glimpse into the day to day reality of people living with many health conditions. From cancer to obesity, from going vegetarian to practicing yoga, if it relates to health and well-being, your story is welcome here. Caregivers and loved ones are also invited to share their stories, providing yet another important and unique perspective.

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