August 30, 2004

Had a really close call

Had a really close call today. I have this funny spot on my head where the hairs grow in funny. Hard to explain. I like to feel the hairs up there and twist them into a bunch. Almost pulled one today. YUCK. I think this may be coming up on the longest I've ever been pull-free. I really don't want to ruin in. Finally, I was able to talk myself out of pulling that hair. But it's getting harder to talk myself out of it. I would be devastated if I started pulling again. I'm going to get my hair cut this week or next...and want to appear somewhat normal. :-)

Sorry for my long, vent-y post the other day. I was just really fed up with my father. He's so creepy.

And that's where I will end for tonight. 80 days pull free.
Until next time. :-)
And thanks to my sister for caring so much. :-)

Posted by Cody on August 30, 2004 8:54 PM


DATE: 8/31/2004 06:05:12 PM
I think you're seeing your hair in a distored way because you're so self conscious about it. Your hair looks GREAT already. You really, really cannot tell that you had been pulling it. When I was there in July it looked just fine. Go get it done!!And gosh stay home from the Bahamas if you want!! Take a mini vacation by staying HOME!! :-P
TITLE: A short post, I promise
DATE: 8/28/2004 08:20:02 PM

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