August 26, 2004

Time is going by so fast

I had another close call this weekend. I was so close to pulling that I had to will myself to stop and then shake my head to "shake off" the feeling. It was way too close. Sometimes I just get to comfortable and stop being careful.

I really want to have beautiful hair again. We leave for the Bahamas on September x and I want to have my hair cut and styled before leaving...but I'm worried about having that done because the parts that are growing in are still so uneven and only about 2 inches long. That looks weird when the rest of your hair is quite longer. So do I tell the stylist what happened? Call ahead? Make up another lie or just tell the darn truth? Anymore I just want to be truthful in life. "Let's be real" is my motto for now...I'm just so tired of hiding things and having things hidden from me. So maybe I should just tell the stylist and hope for the best. After all, what she thinks is her problem, not mine. Right? *sigh* If only it were that easy. I would be so worried about the stylist thinking I'm a freak or something. I'll probably chicken out and never even have it done at all. It's just such a hard thing to even think about because of the humiliation I felt ten years ago when I went to my mom's stylist.

Well, this will be one of my shorter posts for now as it's late, I'm tired, and my baby will be waking up anytime needing my attention. :-) Until next time!

Posted by Cody on August 26, 2004 11:55 PM


The water in the shower was cold. really cold.I dont remember what he was yelling much either, but some of it was about how he worked so hard and he was just trying to have fun and we made him out to be the bad guy and he kept saying "So now I'M the bad guy? I'M the bad guy?" :(your sis

I posted a comment here already but i dont know if it showed up.The water in the shower was cold. Really cold. And he kept saying how we were making him the bad guy, just because he was working hard and came home wanting to have some fun and he kept saying "So now I'M the bad guy? I'M the bad guy?"it was terrible.:( your sis

Sis,That memory is haunting. We'll never forget it. And we'll never know what it was really all about it. I'm grateful it's the only memory I have of that kind of thing. For now. Until others surface. Of course mom and dad would deny this ever happening. :-( I do remember the water being cold. I was cold putting on my jeans. Maybe someday we'll get all this sorted out. If we work together. :-)Love, Your Sis

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