September 3, 2004

Having a bad night here.

Having a bad night here. For some reason I got SO hungry this afternoon and ended up going about 38 Points OVER what I usually have for the day. That's a whole 'nother day of food and then some! It's like once I got started, I just didn't stop, figuring that I had already "ruined" everything already. *sigh* It could have been a much better day.

But at least I haven't pulled. I came SO CLOSE this afternoon while looking in the mirror. Can't look in the mirror for too long.

Stil haven't gotten my hair cut. After some negative reinforcement from my husband tonight, I'm thinking of just cutting it myself. *sigh* Maybe next time huh?

Well, it's very late. More tomorrow!

Posted by Cody on September 3, 2004 9:53 PM

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