September 27, 2004

Thanks again to Judy for

Thanks again to Judy for the thoughtful posts. They made my night! :-)

I do take things too much to heart. I've always done this. These days I'm at my worst when I have to scold Sammy for something. Seeing the look on her face when I scold her is almost too much, even though I know I'm doing what's best to keep her safe and healthy. I just don't want her to feel the feelings I felt when I was little: Unwanted, in the way, scared. I hated doing things wrong. I would literally break apart inside when I did something wrong. I still do this. I guess it's part of being overly sensitive but I wonder if it could also be from the way our parents treated us? I'm not sure. I just don't want Sammy to ever feel as lonely as I do sometimes.

Still no pulling. :-)

The past two days have been so crazy that I haven't even thought about pulling. Sammy had a fever and today she was spotty (just a general rash from the virus...not chicken pox thank goodness). I think she's feeling better but just a few minutes ago she woke up screaming...and she's up again now.

Gotta run.
Until next time. :-)

Posted by Cody on September 27, 2004 7:07 PM


I just wanted to let you know that you are an amazing person to be working towards overcoming your challenges. Good job! safe,

DATE: 9/28/2004 05:04:08 PM
Hee hee. Wish I had hand,foot, and mouth disease. I would probably be ordered to stay home from work for a few days. :-P P.S. I always KNEW you were diseased.
DATE: 9/23/2004 07:59:47 PM

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