October 14, 2004

Still no pulling

Still no pulling. Though some eyelashes were pulled yesterday and the day before, there's no visible damage.

My hair is looking pretty full, compared to how it used to look. I keep feeling like there is something tucked behind my ear- you know how you tuck a flower or a pencil behind your ear? That's what it feels like. Except it's not anything...it's hair. I haven't felt hair tucked behind my ears in almost 13 years.

I wonder why this happened. I think it's been since June since I pulled. What happened? Will it come back? Is it gone forever? I guess I just don't know, so I stay on watch everyday, just hoping it DOESN'T come back and that I can feel this good for a long time.

The doctor finally called me back. No, I don't have a thyroid problem. *whew* I'm glad because I didn't want to be on any drugs. Not that there's anything wrong with taking medication, I just don't want to have to deal with any pills. So, still pill free! Of course, since I don't have a thyroid problem, it means I'm just fat. :-( *blah* I told my mom today that there's no thyroid problem and she was like: "Really? So then what's wrong?" HEY! Nothing's WRONG! Uh, get away. You know what's wrong? You were an emotionally unavailable mother. There. That's what wrong. I'm fat because of you. It's all your fault. *sneer* Okay, that was mean. I feel much better. :-D

I have a headache tonight so I think I'll keep this post short.

Until next time!

Posted by Cody on October 14, 2004 1:21 AM

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