February 22, 2005

Where have I been?

I've been gone for SO long. I just can't make the time most days to come to my diary and post. So sorry!!

Life is crazy here sometimes but other times I have have moments to sit and ponder lots and lots of things. Maybe if I ever get more time to post, I can talk about some of my ponderings. If you're lucky. :-)

Life on the trich front is pretty good. Things have been stressful lately with work, so I did pull about 10-15 hairs from that nasty funny spot on my head. I pulled them over a period of a week. Instead of seeing this as a failure (which I really REALLY want to do), I'm seeing it as progress. Why?

-Even though I pulled I did not go into a pulling frenzy, attacking all the hairs on my head, especially in my favorite "spots".
-I have been pull free again for five days. I still consider myself pull free since sometime last June, this has just been a weird time for me.

I'm still doing great and my hair looks great.

I even had it cut by a hair stylist.
It was scary. The whole time I was kind of inside myself, trying not to panic or feel those old feelings of shame. On the outside, I said the things I was supposed to say and made conversation, but the real me was buried deep inside in protective mode. Waiting to be ridiculed. Waiting for the stylist to "tsk" at the uneven-ness of my hair. But those things never came. She styled my hair beautifully and never said a word. I left feeling great. My hair looks great and it's finally cut evenly and it's all growing in at the same length. What an improvement!

I never want to go back to that dark world of trich. It is so ugly, so secluded, so self-hateful. I've got better things to do now than hang out in a place like that.

Another thing I love about having all my hair is that Sammy loves to brush it. And I love her to brush it. It's a wonderful feeling. Now when Sammy grows up she can play with her mommy's hair. That is a pretty great thing.

On the Weight Watchers front, I am down 7.2 pounds. Still making progress with a few bumps in the road, but I keep trying. I have a sluggish metabolism due to this low thyroid, but the weight IS coming off. Every week I feel more hopeful and more determind to meet my goal.

Well, I better run since my other duties call. I promise to post more often. Thanks everyone for reading.

Posted by Cody on February 22, 2005 8:10 PM


Welcome Back Stranger! ;)
Sorry to hear things are tough, but CUDOS on not getting into a pulling frenzy. I just pull out the greys when my hair color is grown out!!

There was one time I was soooo Mad and Freaked out and went into the bedroom, then to the bathrool and as I washed and dried my face, I decided that my hair was too long and needed cutting. I kept cutting about 3 inches off (it was long) and even though I was getting this odd relief from cutting my hair, I was also saying to myself the whole time "Leave enough hair for Celia to fix this!"

I just got my hair cut yesterday and I love it. Layered, soft bangs, and just above shoulder length. I have THICK STRAIGHT hair naturally (& greying by the second!). So when I pull the greys, it isn't noticable.

I hope things level out for you and be proud of yourself that you controlled yourself and limited the pulling. YEAH Kody!!

Kiss Sammy for me!
Hugs, Judy

You are WAY COOL.
ESPECIALLY to get through the past few weeks, as stressful and difficult and demanding as they've been and you've been getting basically no help, you are just doing GREAT!!!!! I am so glad you went to get your hair done by a stylist. I love it too when kids brush my hair. Isn't it just the sweetest feeling?

Hey. I am a person dealing with Trich...I have been dealing with this for 5 years at least and I have went to a general doctor but all they did was give me pills that made me feel blurry. What did you do to stop, or at least control this??? Also, how did you get up the courage to go get your haircut??? PLease respond!!!! THANKS!

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