August 27, 2005

Almost two weeks and no pulling

I'm doing pretty well. I checked my hair tonight after my shower. My bald spots have all baby fine hair now...but the hair is pale in color and so you can still see the spots if I move my hair around. Can't wait till those are gone!!!! I'm really trying hard this time. Last night I was sitting and watching TV and I realized that I hadn't even THOUGHT about pulling. My hands were tucked under my legs...and not moving. Not touching. My hands are ALWAYS doing something. I'm either biting my nails or twisting my hair or...heck, EATING. This was strange. I hope I notice it happening more often!

Not much else to say. Feeling kind of sad tonight because our cousin Jenny moved away to college. Time has gone by so fast. I wish she was still ten, and wanting to ride Prince all the time. I would have invited Jenny over so much more often if I knew she would grow up so fast.

Until next time.

Posted by Cody on August 27, 2005 10:41 PM


glad you've been able to make it so far!

Can you tell me where I can get help for my child?

Hi. I think i have the same problem as you because i pull my eyelashes and i stop but htne i do it again. I always wonder what happens if i keep on going but i stop myself because my cuz said you could lose an eyeball if you keep doing it. Sometimes i still pull. I'm SOO scared. You're lucky cause you stopped. I sometimes keep on going. PLEASE HELp.

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