August 18, 2005

Three days...or is it four? and no pulling

I'm not sure if it's three or four days that I haven't pulled. This is the longest I've gone without pulling since probably April. I'm trying not to make too much out of it...tomorrow I may be unable to resist the urge to pull. But today I did. And that's what counts. This is how my pull-free streak started last year. After trying and trying and trying, one day I just realized that I hadn't pulled in several days. It's almost like the pulling just goes to the back of my mind. And I forget about it.

So I checked out my bad spots in the mirror since it's been a couple days. Already there is a lot of baby fine hair growing in. Some hairs grow in baby fine and some stick straight out very prickly like. My hair feels softer and fuller already after just a few days of no pulling.

Now if I could just stop eating. HA! At least I'm still FIRM-ing. I love the FIRM. I feel so strong. Even if the changes in my body aren't apparent, I can FEEl them...and it raises my confidence.

Maybe tomorrow I can be pull-free again. And maybe I'll even stick to my WW Points range. How to tell what tomorrow can bring.

Until next time.

Posted by Cody on August 18, 2005 9:59 PM

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