September 27, 2006

Feeling better...and I didn't give in to the urge to pull

I am still pull free. I did lose some eyelashes yesterday and this morning, but no gaps yet. If I stop now they won't get too bad. Sammie and I had an argument this morning and last night was hard with two sick kids (still) and I just couldn't resist the eyelashes clumped with old mascara that I hadn't had time to wash off. I have to watch out for that, and make sure to wash off my mascara once I am in the house for the night.

My hair is looking okay. The top part is growing in pretty awkwardly. You can tell the new hair from my normal hair, since it's a pretty large area and it takes up most of the top of my head. Ah well. At least it's HAIR, and not hair drawn in the an eyeliner pencil.

My kiddos are getting better but Jamie had to get some shots and it was awful. Whoever invented shots for infants...GRRRRRR. Had to be a man, I'm sure. But at least Jamie and Sammie are on the mend with no major problems. Just a congested head cold. It feels good to get my cheerful kids back day by day.

Sammie will be four in a few months and I think she is experimenting with distance from me. Which is fine by me, it just feels a little uncomfortable still. I think she is just starting to realize that we're two different people. Last afternoon she played in the back yard by herself for ten minutes while I nursed Jamie. She even picked up after herself. I'm so proud of her.

Posted by Cody on September 27, 2006 11:43 AM


I am glad you are feeling better. And I'm so glad you liked the flowers :) And I'm so glad our little genius talked to me on the phone-- that just made my day.

I just want you to know that my prayers are with u. I am doing a paer on trich for my psychology class and had no idea what it even wa until today. I do suffer from my own addcition tho and i know hat i struggle it is when you feel all alone

Glad you're feeling better, but the `had to be a man' thing is a bit unwarranted. Shots for infants = massively reduced infant mortality, which is a Good Thing.

hi. i found your blog while doing research on trich. my 11-year-old sister in law was just diagnosed. i was hoping we could e-mail offline and maybe i could ask you a few questions.

thanks, and i hope you have a great day.

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