October 12, 2006

Still pull free...almost three months now

I am still technically pull free and it's been nearly three months. My hair is really starting to reach that stage where it can almost pass as normal looking. I can almost pull it back into a pony tail. I'm thinking of getting it cut though...by a stylist. Maybe go for a short, cute style instead of this blah, lifeless style I have now. I just thought of the idea tonight so it will probably take me a few months to follow through. :-)

Right now I'm thinking shorter hair would make me look fatter. However, does hairstyle really make me appear more or less fat? I don't think so. Fat makes me look fat. That sucks. I'm still picking my battles. Tonight I lost on the weight-loss front. Well, I had a loss and a win. The loss is that I scarfed down nearly two cups of mint chocolate chip ice cream (16 Points)...and straight from the carton. *sigh* Then I washed that down with six Oreo cookies (10 Points). After that I had three slices of bread with two tablespoons of butter (7 Points). Yuck...way too full. I can really cram that food down. That is about 33 Points over my target for the day. Dammit. The win is that I did another 30 minute workout on ExerciseOnDemand. Can I just say that I love digital cable? I can pick any workout I want, from about five different categories, and the workouts are changed about once a month. There are different levels, etc. It's great. I love that I can do different exercise everyday. Hopefully I'll regain my fitness up to a level where I can start the FIRM again. So, a win and lose for today.

I've had some pain in my teeth (comes and goes due to some heavy duty fillings) and I've been taking loads of Motrin. I feel pretty yucky and my face is puffy. My weight this morning was 252.2. :-( I thought I'd said goodbye to the 250's forever but, not yet I guess. My lowest recorded post-pregnancy weight is 246.2. Still a long ways to go. But still far enough from 297 that I know how good it feels. How did I ever get around when I was that pregnant? How miserable.

Speaking of miserable :-), my husband still wants another baby. Well, you can wish in one hand and crap in the other, I always say. I know that I am DONE DONE DONE having babies. I love my kids. I am maxed out on love. There is no more love in my heart for any more babies. I can’t imagine having another baby! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my children, but when they are squalling, red-faced infants it is just TOO HARD. I don’t want to go through it again. I’m just now getting to the easier phase with Jamie, who just turned five months old. So, no more babies. I’m having an IUD put in at my next women’s visit. I’m getting the Mirena…which I think will work great. Best part is, DH won’t even know about it. I just won’t be able to get pregnant anymore. I feel strange that I need to hide my choice of birth control from him. He definitely doesn’t want me on any birth control. But it’s not his decision, is it? It’s MINE. MY BODY. And I don’t even want to take one CHANCE of getting pregnant again. Like I said: I love my babies, but I don’t want anymore. J

My hair looks crappy today because I need a hair cut and it’s windy and I didn’t have time to style it this morning. However, three months ago I would have been panicking about how it looked. Now, I just don’t care. I look like a normal person having a crappy hair day. J I think I like that.

Take care everyone. Don’t give up. A pull free minute, hour, day, or week can start RIGHT NOW.

Posted by Cody on October 12, 2006 11:06 AM


Tell that asswipe if he wants another baby, then HE can have it. ARGH! Everything that comes out of his mouth just pisses me off. I don't know how you go through an entire day without hitting him upside the head.
And you do not look fat!!!

Hi there.
I just started on this site and was looking for other trich sufferers.
I think it is great that you have this kind of blog, and it actually inspired me to start mine.
Congratulations on your three month mark and your family.
I will continue reading and hope to hear from you.

how did you get over having trich? i have had it for as long as i can remember and NOTHING seems to work.
please help.


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