September 16, 2007

Pull free almost one month

I feel good about my hair but not so good about everything else.

Tonight was a bad night. We went to a park and I was SO thirsty driving home. DH was driving. I asked if we could stop so I could get a drink. He said he didn't know where to get a drink at ( we were in town...there are McDonald's, 7-Elevens, carry outs) and I felt like he just didn't want to stop to get me anything to drink. I don't know why, but that set me off. I know he didn't want to stop. He made some comment how if he was thirsty he would wait till he got home. (Easy for him to say because he drank three Pepsis at the park). I just felt small. I hate that! HOw is it that I keep handing that power over to him. It's got to stop.

I feel like a failure a lot. I wonder what the future holds for me. I don't feel worthy of anyone's love or attention. I feel like a bad, impatient mom. I feel like there are things I've done that I can never, never take back. I want to run away.

Now he just woke up and came out here and wanted to see what I was typing. Damn him to hell. Read this you asshole.

Posted by Cody on September 16, 2007 10:23 PM


You totally rock for going a whole month without pulling!! Somedays, even if its only an hour or a day that you can go w/o it, even THAT calls for a celebration.
You DO deserve lots of love and attention. Much more than you get.
Move here. We would spoil you like crazy. Oh and you can bring the kids if you like ;)

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