October 23, 2007

I'm pulling right now

I really wish I would stop pulling! Right now I'm typing to distract my fingers. They say if you tap your fingers and count instead of pulling, it helps the urge to go away. Something about changing the side of your brain that you're thinking with. So far, it's working. I'm just at a state right now where I really love pulling. Even seeing my bald spots every morning isn't enough to make me stop.

I'm a little ashamed posting anything like a food journal on this site because now everyone will know how badly I eat! And I DO MEAN BADLY. My day is void of any fruits or veggies. At any rate, here it is. There is lots of room for improvement.

2 Nutri-Grain waffles with 2 tbsp. syrup (6)
Pasta with sauce and one meatball (6)
Four of the kids smiley face potatoes (4)
A fish stick (1)
Handful of dark chocolate MnM's (3)
Oreo cracker pack (3)
Oatmeal cookie (1)
Six Hershey Kisses (3)
1/2 cup rice (5)
LF hot dog with bread and ketchup (3)
Three of kids chicken nuggets (5)
SmartONes dessert (3)
TOtal Points for the day:43

So I used one Flex Point for the week. I'm saving my Flex Points for this weekend for sure though.

Tomorrow's goals are: Add some more exercise, two glasses of milk, and maybe one fruit and one veggie. That doesn't sound too hard does it?

Reading my food journal makes me wonder how I am able to make it through the day eating such crap. No wonder I feel tired and globby all the time. Duh.

I woke up tonight not being able to breathe very good. Normally I would use my Serevent but Jamie was playing with it when I caught him and took it away. Then I couldn't remember where I put it! Fortunately I had Sammie's nebulizer and used that instead. BUt I was rather panicky for a few minutes looking around for something to make the asthma go away! This reminds me to call my doctor tomorrow.

Until next time.

Posted by Cody on October 23, 2007 1:12 AM


Hm... okay so... you know what... that doesn't sound like that much food to me. It sounds like what a normal person would eat, to like... keep alive. AND-- you have 2 very active and intelligent kids to run around after constantly so you probably need a few more healthy things like vegetable and protein PLUS what you ate today. I am no expert on nutrition, but... I don't know, it doesn't SOUND like enough to me.
I learned something in that workshop I went to the other day. For kids that compulsively pull their hair-- it could help you also. When you feel like pulling, and heck even when you dont (it could be PREVENTATIVE even, maybe)-- try pressing on your scalp, hard, with your hands. As if you have a headache all over your head. Press hard, and rub hard, for a few minutes at a time. Coming from a sensory point of view, you may be needing the (this might not make sense how i'm explaining it, but I've had a long day) pressure on your head from the outside, thats one of the things hair pulling does. You could try massaging your head also. Anyway, try the pressing and rubbing your head and see if that helps any (it wont work over night, but keep trying)-- you never know.If you love pulling, its more likely that you love the feeling you get from doing it (I know i like how it feels when i pull my eyebrows, but i'm less likely to do it if i rub there, its more preventative than the "keep my hands busy" thing). Try okay?

THis is a totally good point. When I use a really hard hairbrush first thing in the morning or when I have urges to pull, it helps. I brush hard enough against my scalp to make it tingle, it really helps. Good suggestion! I just need to try it more often. I hate that I need that sensation. I want to be normal!


Hang in there!

I eat about as bad as you do except i have a weakness for grilled cheese (with french fries stuffed in it) dipped in mayo.

i just found your blog and i've got the trich too. it's really bad on my face (almost no facial hair left) and my hairline. and i don't have any kids and struggle just the same.

hope today is a good day!

i'm practicing tapping my fingers now which i read on your blog to stop the urge.

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