April 20, 2008

Almost three weeks pull free

I'm almost three weeks pull free. My hair is feeling good. The only part of my "bad spots" that is still filling in is the part behind my ear where I pulled a quarter sized spot when we were on our "vacation" the last week of March. It still has just fine, fuzzy hairs that really can't be seen yet. Other than that, my bad spots are really filling in. I'm not sure how long this pull free spell will last, I'm just enjoying everyday that it's here. One night I went to bed and realized that I hadn't even THOUGHT about pulling all day. It's so strange. Like I said, sometimes it just comes at the right time.

I'm still struggling to stay on plan with my weight loss. Sometimes I just tell myself that it's okay to stay like this for a while, until the kids are older and I get some time to myself. But is that really okay? Or is it just another lie that I tell myself?

I don't have much else to say tonight. Until next time...

Posted by Cody on April 20, 2008 10:12 PM


Did you know God would love you even if you were TOTALLY BALD?!? And weighed 400 pounds? And so would I? You could look like one of those weirdo hairless chiuahuas and you'd still be PERFECT just the way you ARE.
I cannot WAIT til you get that through.your.head.
your sis

Celebrating the small victories with you. 2 days so far for me!

Congratulations. Once again, I'm so glad I found your page. I'll continue to read it to help me go without pulling. Thanks always.


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