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August 5, 2006

Two Years

It's odd to think that two years ago at this time I was settled in a hospital room waiting for the okay to have sips of water after my uterus and its attending fibroids (weighing approximately 1.4 pounds) were removed.

But here I am, happy and healthy.

I have few regrets. Mostly that I didn't take action with regards to the growing fibroids years before ... back when there were more treatment options available to me.

In the end things have worked out well. I'm ovulating right now, which is a nice anniversary present to have because it was the one thing that I was most worried about - loss of ovarian function.

My sex life is delightful, my bladder is perfectly normal, my backaches have all but disappeared and my blood is normal.

I doubt that I will continue to update this diary, as I feel I've said pretty much everything I have to say on the subject of the decision and recovery period. I don't even know if anyone ever reads this anyway. But I'm moving on with my life.

If I have one thing to leave you with if you're in the boat of looking for answers about anything gynecological, it's to check out

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May 11, 2006

Beautiful Nails

I know it sounds strange, but I think the hysterectomy (more specifically not being anemic) has strengthened my nails.

I've always been frustrated with my nails, and for that matter, not terribly fond of my hands.

I have tiny fingers. My hands are normal sized, just very short, stubby fingers. Add to that, I've got rather small nails. So my hands have never been a part of my self that I found attractive.

I bit my nails.

I used to bite them quite a bit - down to the nubbins. But more recently I've tried growing them out. They were brittle, weak and flaky. I tried all those things - supplements, different applications of stuff, special diets. Nothing worked very well in those brief periods when I could manage to stop biting my nails. They just didn't grow well.

Now they're long and strong and flawless. The old ridges and cracks are gone. No sign of flaking.

Who knew.

It helps that I'm a calmer, more self-assured person of late. I feel at home in my body. It's not perfect, but it's where I live.

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February 2, 2006

Cycle on Track

So I think I am ovulating now, so I think things are back on track.

I don't think I had much to worry about, but it's always nice when my body kicks backin again.

I have really nothing to report about the actual hysterectomy recovery. All I can say is that I've had no little pings and twinges lately. In an odd way, I notice painful intestinal gas more often than I used to, but who knows what that's all about. I could be eating to many beans.

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