November 12, 2004

Stop Kicking Me in the Belly

Oh, I don't feel well.

For about a week my belly has been hurting, but more the past few days.

I'm doing too much, I know it, but I can't slow down. I suppose I'm waiting for the doctor's appointment on Tuesday to make me slow down. But at the moment, I'm not going to.

My belly is tender, mostly between the belly button and the incision site. The incision itself feel a little like it's burning. It's not infection (it's completely healed over) but it just feels a little more tender than other spots. Inside, I feel like things are a little zingy or pinchy. Not severe pain, nothing that would make me double over. It's not muscular, it's just kind of vague and pretty constant. My belly is also a little big right now. Not so huge that my pants don't fit at the moment, but big enough that I'll enjoy changing into sweat pants in a few minutes since I just got home from work.

I'm 14 weeks from surgery. I suppose I should be easier on myself. Luckily my husband is such a wonderful dear. He's been doing the dishes lately and really taking care of everything around the house. Somehow we'll muddle through Thanksgiving. We always do!

Posted by Elizabeth M. on November 12, 2004 6:46 PM

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