August 30, 2005

Yeast Again

Here we go again.

I got a call from my doctor's office this morning before I headed to work. The nurse told me that my test results came back that I have a yeast infection.

Yes, another yeast infection.

I've only had three others in my life. Once when I had just moved back east and there was an unreasonably humid heatwave going on. I was not used to this and walked around too much wearing tights and gave myself a yeast infection. That was the typical yeast infection, it smelled and had that awful cottage cheese discharge and you can be sure I got myself to the doctor as soon as possible.

The other time was after being treated for a bad bout of bronchitis I ended up with some bacterial vaginosis. And then the treatment for that gave me a yeast infection.

Well, then the third, was after surgery. Here it is, less than a year later and I've got another one. The curious thing about it is that these past two infections have been asymptomatic. Well, last year it caused some burning after intercourse. Now, I have no odor, no discharge and no burning. Makes me wonder.

So, the doctor's office suggested the 7 day monostat treatment (not the 3 day, I'm not sure why), so I'll start that tomorrow after my husband and I have a little fun tonight.

I'll talk to the doctor next week after the holiday weekend about the results of the pap and my other issues.

Posted by Elizabeth M. on August 30, 2005 8:50 PM

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