October 23, 2005

Trouble Sleeping

I've been having trouble sleeping.

This has nothing to do with my hysterectomy. I've had trouble sleeping since I was about eight years old. I used to sit up late at night in the hallway of the second floor of the house and read by the big bookshelf on the carpeted floor. It was the only light that was on in the house and of course the carpeting helped. My parents slept downstairs, so they didn't know that I'd sit up until two in the morning reading.

I don't know if it's because of the change in seasons, but it started around the time of the equinox, so maybe it's just the light.

I don't fall asleep easily and I'm easily woken by the slightest noise. Many nights I only get four hours sleep, and none of it straight through.

I know it will pass in a few weeks, through it never goes away. I always have trouble falling asleep. I doubt it's hormones. I think it's just me. I'm hypersensitve and I'm hesistant to do anything about it. I mentioned it to the doctor and he rather dismissed it, saying that maybe I needed to relax more. He's probably right and if he'd offered me sleeping pills I'd probably be more upset.

Posted by Elizabeth M. on October 23, 2005 05:48 PM

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