August 5, 2006

Two Years

It's odd to think that two years ago at this time I was settled in a hospital room waiting for the okay to have sips of water after my uterus and its attending fibroids (weighing approximately 1.4 pounds) were removed.

But here I am, happy and healthy.

I have few regrets. Mostly that I didn't take action with regards to the growing fibroids years before ... back when there were more treatment options available to me.

In the end things have worked out well. I'm ovulating right now, which is a nice anniversary present to have because it was the one thing that I was most worried about - loss of ovarian function.

My sex life is delightful, my bladder is perfectly normal, my backaches have all but disappeared and my blood is normal.

I doubt that I will continue to update this diary, as I feel I've said pretty much everything I have to say on the subject of the decision and recovery period. I don't even know if anyone ever reads this anyway. But I'm moving on with my life.

If I have one thing to leave you with if you're in the boat of looking for answers about anything gynecological, it's to check out

Posted by Elizabeth M. on August 5, 2006 7:08 PM


I was reading and I'm sure a lot of other people were too. Thanks for all your entries...really great information! Wish you great health in the future!

I began reading your blog over a year ago, when I was debating the Hysterectomy option. I did get the hysterectomy keeping my ovaries. It has been a year now since the surgery and I often wonder why I waited so long to be pain free. Of course, the week after I had the surgery, everyone I knew had announced that they were pregnant. After reflection on their news, I had to realize that even with my uterus I would of not been able to get pregnant and carry to term. I am thrilled to not have my life controlled by my pain. I don't live on drugs, I can cook a meal without having to stop to lie down until the pain leaves me. It never left. I don't miss the periods. I had my cervix removed, so I didn't get the mini periods. I sleep through the nights, haven't had back pain since, I can drink coffee, eat chocolate and all those other caffene items that were off limits before. My life is my own again. Yeah for surgery and surgeons that do such great work. During recovery I wasn't such a cheerleader, but once the recovery was complete and I was back living my life, I became one.
Your site helped my decision to go with the surgery. You helped me a lot. The only women I had known that had gone thru the surgery had long since forgotten all of it. You were a voice that I was looking for. I went to the Hyster Sister site that you had mentioned and continued my research.
I know that you helped me and I'm sure many other women that you will never know of. Thank you for all you wrote and all you let us experience through you. Have a great life pain free.

im sure many have read this. since I had the same surgery as you and am the same age you have helped me tremendously. Let me know if you still have mini periods after five years. Passing the two year mark is very encouraging and you were sort of blessed with mini periods to be able to figure it all out.

ICK - I'm now at the 3.5 year mark and still have faithful mini periods.

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