January 12, 2005

Hoping This Will Be A Wonderful Year !!!!

I've had a wild couple of days here. I just started my cycle a few days ago and ever since I've had these "weird feelings" off and on all day/evening. It kind of feels like I almost am going into some type of seizure....they can be different, but basically it's like in my head, I'm not "out of it" but like I could be going "out of it". It's usually 2-5 seconds. Sometimes I even shiver. I hope this makes some sense, it's hard to explain. If it continues, I may have to call my doctor about it. Especially since I had some weird seizures when I was having the memory test done....I was "fine", talking,etc., but couldn't do the part of the test I was on. I'm hoping the memory test went OK and that I just have to wait for summer for my surgery. I am soooo ready for it!!

At least one major problem in my life has finally been taken care of. It was a serious situation with my 81 year old mom, medical situation with her and living situation. My brother and sister have been real jerks about things (I'm being polite about it!). There's one major thing for me this year. I had such a year and I'm counting on this one being much better. It's started out better!!

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January 1, 2005

It Has Been Interesting...Memory Test Done ! !

Hope everyone has had some really nice holidays!!

It has been interesting here recently. I finally got to take the Memory Test. The doctor was good at explaining why I had to take it. When we're young the brain has a spot for everything, but if there's damage when we're young it has to find a different spot for that item and we have no clue where it's going to put it. Somehow these tests will determine where my memory is....that is the area they need to do surgery in and they need to find out where my memory got put when I was younger. When I took it about two weeks ago I came back from lunch break to find the doctor talking with the technologist who was testing me. I had a feeling something was up. They discovered I was having seizures!! My mouth literally dropped open because I had been verbal and alert the whole time! It was determined due to the serious trouble I had with parts of the test. I got to try some of it again and did better on it before I left early. They wanted me to finish it the next week when I was done with my cycle. Fine with me! We had to cancel the test last week due to a winter storm, but I went this Thursday and it was only 3 hours....not 8....YAY!! I will hear how it all went in several weeks. If they got the info they need it's the last test I have to have prior to surgery this summer, if not they will come up with another test for me. I would rather not have to do another test, but will do it if I have to!!!!
My seizures still are less frequent than they were....seems that the CPAP for sleep apnea may have had something to do with controlling them....that Neurologist said it might. But I still need the surgery.

Hope everyone has a wonderful new year ! ! ! !

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November 2, 2004

I'm Still Here ! :)

Hope this finds everyone doing well. It's been rather hectic around here. A wild and crazy family situation that I've had to deal with for a couple of weeks now. I'm glad my hormones aren't too out of control right now or I'd really be a mess ! I haven't had too many seizures recently....that's really different for me....nice too !! Usually I have several of them.

Don't really have much to say right now especially due to the other "stuff" going on here, but I wanted to let folks know I'm still here :)

I'll try to get back here again with a little more to say next time !!

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