i dont want to go to the hospitol

i dont want to go to the hospitol ether. i dont want gto go. thare going to leve me there . i dont wannt to talk to strajers i dont want them to see me i dont want them to make fun of me they will say im bad. and i dont liek to eat ehter and docters are scary and bad
they will do bad things to me.
im scared i need to talk to my T
i dont want to go i dint men to be bad i jus wish i dint have to go

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To Pilgrim and everyone inside--

I understand how scared/excited/anxious/loathing everyone feels. I really think that this sounds like a great opportunity for you, and I know that no one (where you are going) is there to hurt you. I really believe that you will feel A LOT better after the experience, and I wish you the best of luck with it. You're such a great, strong woman.

You are ALL being so brave about this. It's scary to go to a new place. You're all doing great.

Mae, you're not bad. You're not being abandoned. Nothing bad will happen to you. I know you're scared, but you'll be okay.


Theres no reason for any of you to be afraid,everything will be fine.This is a big step,glad you found the courage to do it.Im thinking about doing it myself.

Mae,your not bad and nobodys going to think you are.Ill pray for you to get a great doctor,one that will take very good care of you,o.k?


Hey sweet girl :)

I know hospitals can seem scary, but I'm sure that the one you go to will have nice people who understand about DID so you won't have to hide. And there will be no reason for a doctor to touch private places, so no doctor will hurt you. The hospital P is talking about knows about eating disorders too. Hopefully they'll let you take goldfish with you! And of course P can't leave you there...you'll all be there together and get to meet other people like you with others inside. And you take your favorite stuffy with you! The doctors can help so that you all are happier and work better together. And guess what, you don't have to talk to strangers. Maybe you can check the docs and other people out without talking to them before you talk to them.
I promise this is a very good decision for you all. It's time to start working together and getting peace before things fall to pieces.
I Love YOU, Judy

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