Being recognized by someone I dont know

I had such an odd experience the other day. It hasn't happened in quite a few years, and I guess that's why it threw me off. One of those things-that-happen-to-multiples-but-lets-pretend-won't-happen-to-me-anymore things. A lady came up to me the other day and called me by my name. I don't recall ever seeing her before but SHE knew me. I was trying to place a name with her face. She started talking about students of mine and about kids in my class. She VERY DEFINITELY knew me. I was searching frantically in my head to figure out how and why this person knew me. I nodded and said socially appropriate things at the right time I hope, still having no idea who I was talking to. Then she had to go and said, "Well I'll see you in a couple weeks, Pilgrim." I turned around and walked on, feeling completely lost. I swear I had no idea what had just happened.
It wasn't until hours later when Carolineine was busy teaching that I had a clue. The lady knows CarolineINE. It turns out that the lady works as a substitute and Carolineine talks to her often. Carolineine not only knows her face, but even knows the lady's NAME.
this is not my life. really.

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I hate it when that happens! I never know what to say when someone supposedly knows me and I have no clue who they are or what their name is. Very frustrating. I mean, I'm just a singleton, shouldn't I be able to remember these things?? Guess not. See, being a single doesn't mean your brain functions any better, LoL. I forget things ALL the time. I'm a clutz too, hehe. Anyways, I was just checking in to see how you and everyone inside is doing. Take care hun, you're in my thoughts. :)

Last fall I was at a pre-Christmas craft shows that pop up before Christmas. I was with a friend who knows I'm multiple. A woman came up to me and said hi and called me by name. I had NO idea who she was, but as she talked, it was very clear that she knew me. I still have NO idea who she is, and the friend who was with me didn't know her either. I do understand what this feels like, Pilgrim...

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