Good news, We're Normal!

Good news tonight from therapy, our T was looking through Pilgrim's & our collages and stuff and said we're normal, hurray!
Have no idea what she meant by it but if the word "normal" comes out of a therapist's mouth... that COUNTS for something, right? Something about having all different feelings and wants and needs like most people do, only difference is that Pilgrim splits them up or something.
Mmm...something like that (me, Pilgrim) . My mind is fried. I can't think right now. For two hours I was trying really hard though to work together with Carolineine and Mae and Jo to give some coherent answers to what we were talking about. My head felt really huge and crowded. I spaced out a few times and couldn't always keep track of what she was saying. Mae kept saying inside "You're saying too many words! I dont understand!" but I wouldn't let her say anything outloud. She isn't thrilled with me right now.
Something that really made sense tonight was something about ... oh hell...I dont know. I was seeing pictures in my head about the Big Bad Wolf and Mae was telling my T about what she saw in the pictures. I'll try to remember what it was.

...Last night I had this REALLY scary dream. I dreamed that I was driving past my high school, and all of a sudden, my foot started pressing on the gas pedal. I started going faster and faster and couldn't stop it. I kept trying to push down on the brake to make it stop, but I kept going faster. I couldn't get my foot off the gas pedal. I started screaming and crashing into trees and cars, and I wanted to pull my foot off the accelerator, but I couldn't do it, it had a will of its own. I kept thinking, "Oh great, now they're REALLY going to put me in a psyche hospital now!".

But hey, the word normal came out of someone's mouth to describe me. First time ever. Someone write that down !!!! :)

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that is great news for you-normal is something we all strive for I think......

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